Benefits of Alternative Healing Methods: Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has been in existence for thousands of years and it is believed to originate from the legendary Chinese Emperor Shen Nong who was born in 2737 BC.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

The healing qualities of the many types of herbs were discovered by this Chinese Emperor and put into practice. This enables a complete and effective treatment to be given for many medical conditions.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is used to treat many categories of illness and disease from mild ailments to chronic disorders. In fact, many of these herbal medicines are widely available throughout the world and are commonly and effectively used by a vast percentage of people.

The popularity of these herbal medicines has increased over the years with the success of the various types being experienced and recognized.

As the Chinese herbal medicines are formulated to treat each person as a whole which means treating the mind and spirit as well as the body; not just the specific condition a patient is suffering from.

This enables the root cause of the illness to be treated and therefore provides a more effective result.

Some of the more well known Chinese herbs such as Ginseng, Dong Quai, wolfberry, cinnamon and cinnamon bark, ginger, licorice and peony to name but a few, have become extremely popular throughout the world.

  1. Many of the herbal medicines are successfully used in reducing stress and anxiety, rejuvenating energy and purifying the blood circulation.
  2. Additionally, conditions such as asthma and hay fever can be favorably treated with traditional Chinese herbal medicine making it a more natural remedy to use.
  3. Digestive disorders are another medical condition that can benefit from this herbal medicine.

Skilled practitioners of traditional Chinese herbal medicines are experienced with the different types of formulas that can be used to treat a patient and ensure a level of good health can be obtained by building and strengthening the mind and body.

It is a way of life which is undertaken by understanding the laws and nature of this ancient type of medicine and implementing the knowledge gleaned in the most appropriate way.

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